About the Project

The Super Madi Hydroelectric Project (SMHP) is located in Madi rural municipality, Kaski District, Gandaki Province, Nepal. The geographical project boundaries lie between latitude 28° 19′ 02″ N to 28° 21′ 39″ N and longitude 84° 04′ 45″ E to 84° 08′ 34″ E. The project area can be accessed from Kathmandu-Pokhara-Bijaypur Khola-Sabi-Tangtin Village. From Tangtin village, which is in the middle of the project area, Headworks are approximately 8 km. The major components of the project lie on the left bank of the river.

The project diverts 18.00 m³/s of flow from the Madi River by constructing an ogee-shaped concrete diversion weir with the crest elevation at 1344 m above mean sea level (amsl). The diverted flow through the side intake passes through a gravel trap. From the gravel trap, the discharge is conveyed to a conveyance tank. Two inlet tunnels of dimensions 4.2 m X 4.2 m convey the design discharge to two separate chambers of the underground settling basin. From the settling basins, the flow is conveyed through a 5.34 km headrace tunnel along the left bank of the Madi River. After the headrace tunnel, the design discharge is conveyed via about 1636 m long penstock pipe to three generating units of Francis turbine inside the semi-surface powerhouse. From the powerhouse, the water is conveyed back to the Madi river through about a 195 m long tailrace culvert.

There are three transformers beside the powerhouse to step up the 11 kV generation voltage to 132 kV. Thereafter, the power is evacuated through 132 kV transmission lines. An outdoor switchyard is constructed on the southern side of the powerhouse, and a single-circuit 132 kV transmission line starts from the switchyard of Super Madi Hydroelectric Project to Lekhnath Substation.

Project Detail

1Project TitleSuper Madi Hydroelectric Project
2Promoter CompanySuper Madi Hydropower Ltd.
3Capacity44 MW

Dhungana Complex,Kupondole Road,Lalitpur, Nepal

(977-1) 4423971, 4527090


5Rated Net Head280.67 m
6Dry Season Energy37.756 GWh
7Wet Season Energy204.894 GWh
8Total Energy242.65 GWh
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