Unveiling the Super Madi Hydroelectric Project: A Glimpse into Nepal’s Energy Future

Nepal’s energy landscape is undergoing a transformative journey, and at the forefront of this revolution stands the Super Madi Hydroelectric Project. Developed by Super Madi Hydropower Ltd., this ambitious endeavor is set to redefine the nation’s energy narrative.

Power in Numbers: With a capacity boasting 44 MW, the Super Madi Hydroelectric Project is more than just a power station; it’s a cornerstone in Nepal’s quest for sustainable and reliable energy. Super Madi Hydropower Ltd. envisions this project as a key contributor to the national grid, addressing the increasing energy demands of the country.

Promoter Company’s Commitment: Super Madi Hydropower Ltd., the driving force behind this initiative, is committed to excellence and innovation. Their vision extends beyond power generation; it encompasses a commitment to environmental responsibility and community well-being.

Strategic Location and Efficiency: Situated at a rated net head of 280.67 m, the project strategically utilizes the natural elevation, optimizing the utilization of water resources. This location ensures efficient energy production and underscores the project’s commitment to harnessing hydropower effectively.

Consistency Through Seasons: The Super Madi Hydroelectric Project proves its mettle in consistency, generating 37.756 GWh even during the dry season. This reliability ensures a continuous power supply when it’s needed most, mitigating the challenges posed by seasonal variations.

Adaptability to Conditions: During the wet season, the project sees a remarkable surge in energy production, reaching an impressive 204.894 GWh. This adaptability to varying hydrological conditions positions the Super Madi Hydroelectric Project as a resilient and dynamic contributor to Nepal’s energy grid.

A Significant Contribution: The cumulative output of 242.65 GWh underscores the Super Madi Hydroelectric Project’s significance in the national energy matrix. It goes beyond being a powerhouse; it’s a symbol of progress and sustainability, making a tangible contribution to Nepal’s energy needs.

Contact Information: For those interested in connecting or learning more, Super Madi Hydropower Ltd. provides an accessible address at Dhungana Complex, Kupondole Road, Lalitpur, Nepal. Reach out through (977-1) 4423971, 4527090, or drop an email at supermadihydro@gmail.com.

As we witness the unveiling of the Super Madi Hydroelectric Project, we’re not just witnessing the inauguration of a power station; we’re witnessing the dawn of a new era in Nepal’s energy landscape. This project, with its capacity, efficiency, and adaptability, promises not just to illuminate homes but to light the path toward a brighter, more sustainable future for the entire nation.

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